"bottling it up"
needs a health and safety warning


depressedMy, how we need to talk sometimes! There are days when we think “if I don’t talk to someone I’ll just explode”. Then everyday life takes over, and it’s pushed away again.  We cope somehow with our daily chores, in spite of what is going on inside. Except that it is not pushed away is it?  It is pushed down; down into our very self; inside and ignored, until the next time something triggers that same feeling. Then very often our reaction is called “over the top”.  It is as if all the emotion that has been stored from previous incidents has been added to and finally the river overflows, the pot boils over, as there is nowhere else for this unspent emotion to go.


I firmly believe that many of the physical ailments that we suffer, some trivial and some very serious, are a sort of drip feed end product to this constant state of stress which we subject Depressed manour body to; the body’s response when we don’t acknowledge what is going on for us in the “feelings” department. If we think of emotion as e-motion, energy in motion, then we can surely understand that this type of energy has to go somewhere. It may seem as if it evaporates after a while, and we often say “it takes a lot to get me angry, but boy when I do, you’ll know it”. Why do we have to do this?  Why can’t we acknowledge our emotions as we feel them, and thereby keep our bodies healthy, as nature intended us to do?


We know the answer to this. Society has rules, passed down through generations. Each culture has its own, and British culture rules that to display emotion is not only wrong, but weak too. A stiff upper lip is to be admired for some inexplicable reason.  Our society has reached the point now, when we feel uncomfortable with someone who displays emotion.


Why can’t we just accept ourselves, exactly how nature intended?


Jan Hitchcock MBACP (Accred.) UKRCP Reg


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